1948 Talbot Lago Grand Sport
$2.5 million

Talbot is a car manufacturer with an infamous history. It began as a standalone company in 1903 and existed in various forms and under different ownership right up until 1994. The company didn’t produce any cars from 1960 to 1978 and was owned at various times by auto makers ranging from Chrysler to Peugeot. Over the years, Talbot filed for bankruptcy protection multiple times and, in addition to producing cars for everyday use, Talbot also manufactured a number of race cars that competed in Formula One competitions. Talbot won the 1981 World Rally Championship. And during the company’s tumultuous history it produced the notorious and rare Lago Grand Sport, a streamlined car introduced in 1948 that came in both a racing and luxury version. Not only is the Lago Grand Sport part of Talbot’s legendary history, but only 12 of the luxury models were ever produced—making it extremely rare and highly sought after by collectors who have paid as much as $2.5 million for this infamous car.