1954 Oldsmobile F-88
$3.5 million

Even if the Oldsmobile F-88 were not rare, it would be a car that is coveted by collectors all over the globe. First made in 1954, the F-88’s gorgeous body and design which was a precursor to the soon to be announced Corvette, make it a classic car in its own right. The fact that only four of these stunning cars ever rolled off the assembly line makes it an extremely hot commodity in the rarified world of car collecting. Other features that make the General Motors-produced Oldsmobile F-88 impressive include a 250 horsepower V8 Oldmobile Rocket engine and a fiberglass body. Many historians cite the Oldsmobile F-88 as a car that changed the style of all cars that came after it. One Oldsmobile F-88 is on display at the Gateway Colorado Automobile Museum. Another recently sold at the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction for $3.5 million, which was a record for a vehicle sold by Barrett-Jackson.